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Taken From A Relationship Coach.

8 Things A Man Will Only Do If He Actually Loves You.

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1 He becomes interested in your parents and has you in his            future plans.

2 Go on a Trip with him.

3 He includes you in his future plans, any plans. He will plan            these things out.

4 He consistently texts you and responds to you.

5 He wants to spend time with you without sex.

6 He gets jealous of you being with someone else

7 You have sleepovers

8 He gives a smile on your face, let his actions speak for himself.


Ten Things A Man Will Do.

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1 He often calls you or text you first.

2 He loves talking about the future

3 He loves being with you, spending time with you

4 He loves listening to you learning more about you and he              remembers those little details you tell him.

5 He loves letting you into his life and introducing to his friends      and his family!

6 He enjoys buying you things and giving you gifts.

7 He loves to have Fun with you, making you laugh, and tries            always to make you Happy!

8 He confronts you about things he doesn’t like you doing!

9 He loves protecting you helping you with your life, and taking      care of you!

10 He tells you he loves you staring to your eyes and you can            even feel it.




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