Hello, all today is Be Kind To Yourself, I do this often to treat myself, usually every Friday since Life can get busy during the week and that special time to do something for myself, might not happen during the week. Today I went and planted a  Fruit Tree and watched the children plant there Fruit Tree’s as well. Played some Maori Music because it has been Maori Language Week. It is such really great to have the opportunity to do a few Events on one day, and enjoying the Music and Songs.

Hi Everyone I have just finished a refresher course on basic computers. Now doing a Money Management Course. I am really liking the course atmosphere it is great, Nice people and good food Yaaa! For those living in New Zealand, it is a free course,  the education calls it Wangana. They have other courses that are free to do as well.

Good Morning

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I have had a good weekend.                                                                   Today is Monday, I went for a walk and enjoyed breathing in the fresh air, at home now and going to have a coffee. Got a full week on and l am going to make sure I treat myself to doing what I want to do at the end of each day. Perhaps I might soak my feet in a bowl with Lavender bath salts. Life is just not work, it is having Fun also.

Life Can Get Really Busy!

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Hi Everyone,

I’m feeling pretty good today, busy weekend lots going on, I went and trained my Mindfulness Group which I do on a voluntary basis.  Plans ahead are looking good, Have started on my new Course since I have finished and completed the refresher computer course and was able to pick up a few new tips, Hooray. Life can get really busy, what do you do when your Life is too busy?

         Live Life And Enjoy The Moment


Hi Peeps,

Hows it been going. I hope you are all well and things are grooving along for you.  It’s been a real Fun Journey for me this month. I have been doing a refresher computer basics course, cost me nothing, nearly finished and pursuing on to do another course in the next coming months, have met some really interesting people and made some new friends. I am also doing Mindfulness classes once a week voluntarily which makes me feel that I am accomplishing one of my passions which I have had for a while.  I am at home at the moment don’t know where or what is going to happen tomorrow, one thing for sure is that no matter what I am going to enjoy my Journey. I have had some downs but that’s okay I have overcome them and pursue on towards my next project. Hey Live Life And Enjoy The Moment!

   Doing Something Just Randomly

Hi Peeps,  Hows it going, a couple of weeks ago I went to do some shopping for clothes as there was a sale on in one of the popular stores I go to. I was going past the Movie Theatre and looked at the posts to see what was on, Star Wars Solo, I’ve always been a Star Wars Fan so I decided to go and watch the movie while I had the chance. Brought a ticket and because the movie wasn’t starting till 1 hour and 30 minutes, went and looked at the shop that was having a sale. I bought me something to eat so I could enjoy while watching the movie.  Loved the Movie was great to see the beginnings of Hans Solo adventures.

Legoland, Lego, Star Wars, Parade

19 Jun 18  Donating

Hi have been doing some real mind searching over the last couple of days, its okay to have a break from the usual things we do.   An email arrived today from one of the hospitals in my city asking to donate money, to buy pajamas for the children’s hospital, that is such a great way of contributing back to the community and supporting your children’s hospital.  I was so happy I had the opportunity to do so.

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Hi everyone its the beginning of a new month halfway through the year already! Here is something to boost your Motivation.

5 Ways To Stay Motivated

1 Stay or Be Positive

2 Take Baby Steps

3 Get a Group Going or Join a Group With Similar Goals, Surround Yourself With People Who Are On The Same Vibe As You.

4 Write Down Your Goals, Then Put Them Somewhere Where You Can See Them, Then Ask Yourself Why You Want To Do Them. Every Time You See Them.

5 Reward yourself.

Dandelion, Colorful, People Of Color

Challenge   15/5/2018


I have found this month to be a bit of a challenge, with family, friends and personal challenges, Not to worry though I am still able to use mindfulness in other ways.. Today I am focusing on the outcome of what the week has brought my way. I feel great to have more interesting things in my life. Which make it enjoyable. Being involved with Community Projects is good.

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29th March 2018

Hi Everyone, Tomorrow is Good Friday, the start of the Easter Weekend. Usually, I like to make Fridays. Extra kindness For Me Day. And do something completely different that I wouldn’t usually do but have wanted to do. Last Friday, I bought some Chocolate and ate the whole packet, Naughty me. Hey but that was something I hadn’t done before and I felt good. I haven’t planned what I’m going to do yet this Friday, I am thinking of going on a nature walk. Love and Light.

Wedding Gift, Gift Ideas, Do It Yourself

Hi Everyone it has been a great couple of weeks with new ideas and some really good input of idea’s, inspired by lots of good feedback this week also. Saw a couple of ducks on the weekend, I read a sign do not feed wildlife. I looked at the ducks and said Very Sorry not allowed to feed you. They both started Quacking loudly.

Ducks, Pair, Mallards, Colorful

Hi, Peeps, I’ve been doing some new Methods and have put them on my New Page Called Positive Ways I Do. I hope you will be able to take some of the Methods and use them for yourself, I tell you the Labyrinth Method is Awesome. Have a good week and Keep on Keeping on. 1 or 2 of the Methods are from other people I have read about and tried their Methods.

Laugh, Love, Live, Moon, Silhouette

Hi Everyone I hope all is well with you lot. I have been listening to a Certified Nutritionist who has been part of a Webinar and was really interested in his feedback on Essential Oils. He had done some research and had read that Sacrotese who lived in Rome at the time of 3000BC had a great interest in wanting to know about Essential Oils which he had heard was in Egypt. He then took the opportunity to go to Egypt to learn how Essential Oils were used for quite some time. His discovery back then that Essential Oils were used when the Egyptians did Operations on the patients back in those days.

Sacrotese then was able to take what he found back to Rome and share his knowledge on Essential Oils with other physicians.

Something From A Personal Development Group.

You clear the Junk in your head that sabotages you at every turn.

If you don’t clear your negative beliefs. It’s almost guaranteeing Failure.

There’s no easier or faster way to clear your negative thoughts than this.

If you Focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer. If you Focus on the lesson, you will continue to Grow.

Herbs That Promote Lung Health

Rosemary                                                                                                  Sage                                                                                                            Peppermint                                                                                               Thyme                                                                                                       Basil                                                                                                          Marjoram                                                                                                  Oregano

Herbal Tea Rosemary

The tea can be made by adding 2 tsp of Rosemary Fresh or Dried (or any of the other herbs previously mentioned) to hot water and letting it steep for 10 to 15 mins. You can add 1/2 teaspoon of Organic Maple Syrup or Raw honey. Yummy

doTERRA Essential Oil Wild Orange and Peppermint

Sometimes for a pick me up in the mornings, I use 1 to 2 drops of Wild Orange and 1 drop of Peppermint in my Coffee.

I guarantee it works, especially good for calming the nerves.

Hi Everyone I have been taking 2 tsp of New Zealand Spirulina with filtered water.  1 drop of doTERRA Oregano, 1 drop of Frankincense. Mix it all together and drink.

I also found out that when using a plastic bottle for making your potions with doTERRA Essential Oils, that it has to be Grade 1 which you can find the number at the bottom of the bottle in a triangle shape.

Things to remember when you want to build yourself.  From a personal development group.

1 You’re beautiful

2 Everything worth having requires a lot of work and time.

3 You must do what scares you.

4 Friendships and Relationships require constant effort and time.

5 When opportunity knocks, you have to answer the door, when a door closes you have to open a window.

6 Strike a balance between saving and experiencing.

7 Make Exercise a habit.

8 When someone shows you who they are believe them.

9 A drama free and boring life is actually a great thing.

10 Know that everyone is fighting a private battle, respond to rudeness with kindness when you can.

11 Your attitude is everything

12 Be grateful don’t take anything for granted

13 No one is in charge of your happiness but you

14 Be a person of integrity

15 Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated.

16 Stop blaming and take responsibility for every area of your life.

17 Manners are beautiful, Say Thank you, and Please always. Don’t forget to say excuse me.

A man with a smartphone in front of document printouts and posters on a wall

31st October 2017

Today has been a Great Day with lots of things happening, Went into the Capital City to do my Course, I graduate in 4 Weeks, Thinking of having my Nephew and Niece over for dinner or going to the Porirua Club to see what is happening, to Celebrate.

I am thinking of also going to see my daughter and grandchildren. I hope they are well.

Hi, Everyone, I completed the small business course and received my certificate 100% Achieved.

I dressed up as a witch and handed out Candy today, The first person to come to the door was a young girl I said Happy Halloween I gave her some lollies,  She said What is your name, I said My name is Witchy Poo. Happy Halloween. Then there were other children, I gave a Lollypop to each child and some lollies too. Until there were only Mint Leaves lollies and Milk Bottles lollies Left. I ate a couple before there was a knock at the door. I was so happy to give the lollies to the children. I think they didn’t expect to get so many lollies that’s okay I gave as much as I could give them. They looked Happy about what they were given.  It is after 12 pm Late night for me Nighty Night All.

I have read a few recipes on how to make your filtered water taste a bit better. For a couple of days, I tried 2 drops of Wild Orange with 1 drop of Clove. Filled a Jug put in the Essential Oils, then put it in the fridge to cool. I drank this for 2 days.

I now am putting 1drop of Lemon into a Jug of filtered water to chill in the fridge before I drink from it.

This morning I have made a couple of Essential Oils, Air Fresheners which I am really happy with, The aroma is so lovely and nice, I have put the Air Freshener Solution into Aluminium Spray Bottles.

It is worthwhile, I have made up my own mixture.

Hi Everyone,

I went to visit a friend over the weekend had a good time, took her a small prezzie one of my Air Fresheners I made and put it into one of the Aluminium Spray Bottles. I haven’t heard back from her yet since I have been really busy the Last couple of days.


Hey, Peeps Maureen Here,

I am doing a series of 5 videos on my private page on Facebook, I have finished editing and publishing the second video. The series is about how to use doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil. Have a lookie you might like something.

24th November 2017

Hi, Peeps its Friday and been a busy week, Went to 2 different Get together’s with a couple of Ladies this week. The first Event was really great had a few nibbles and met some new people, it was a great time. Left with a gift bag, it had a small jar of hand cream. And also a buttercream, Was really Fun. Then yesterday went to a Christmas Party was great again I met some really interesting people, and the Host was as usual very welcoming to her guests.

Holiday "Pink Gingerbread House Tea Party" ~ On the Menu: Hot Cranberry Tea, Cheese Scones, Pink Meringues, Almond Tarts, & of course, Gingerbread / Catch My Party

Hi, Peeps another year and yes its March, been doing a lot of Souls Searching. and I tell you it has been Fun. Well here’s to a Happy New Year and Like the great Spock would say, Live Long and Prosper.  I am doing more of Mindfulness and have decided to add some Chakra Dancing. Since I started last year looking into keeping the body balanced using methods that have invigorated me.  I Love my Family and Friends and know that where ever they are that my Love will be with them always. They are a very special part of my Life. and So Are You!

3 thoughts on “BLOGS”

  1. Hi Everyone,

    How you all keeping,

    Today I am feeling good for the start of the week, Wondering have you got
    a Morning Ritual that you do, I have I start off with prayer, Meditation, And do some Affirmations, I am doing The Affirmations on my Website to start off till the end of the week. Then I’m going to change my Affirmations the following week. I also am trying new things each day that will empower me in situations, that may be a challenge to me.
    Keep on keeping on. And don’t forget every step you take is another achievement to success.

    Like Dr Spock would Say Live Long And Prosper

  2. While we cannot control the natural world, we have the ability to influence how we interact with its energies, both positive and negative. Our use of fuel, power, lighting, food, and what businesses we choose to purchase goods from, all stem from a growing public awareness of corporate social responsibility to not be greedy users and abusers of the environment.

    It’s easy for us to point the finger at big oil companies or overseas sweatshops, but have you ever taken a good look at your own day-to-day consumption? Do you recycle? Compost? Take public transport if it’s available? Plant trees? The fact is that everyone’s contribution has an impact on the earth — no matter the size.

    Ch’i, after all, is based on the natural elements of wind and water, two key ways that energy is generated throughout the world. When we think of yin and yang, we think of balance — energy in, energy out — a cosmic scale that reflects energy given and taken. When we look at the resources we consume, would we say there is a balance in how we take and give back to the earth? We take food, water, and energy from the land, but do we balance the scales and give what we can back? This, too, is feng shui.

    Below is a list of small but powerful ways you can incorporate green initiatives into your daily lifestyle as an environmentally conscious earth resident. Ready, set, go!

    This is from Mind,Body,Green

    1. Recycle more.

    When we waste less, we instantly lower our negative environmental impact. How we treat our waste can then improve how our impact is measured. Having separate bins for different waste can make recycling easier. Separate your waste into three separate bins so one can go to the garden, one to recycling, and the other to the trash.

    2. Switch it off.

    Lessen your wasted energy use by switching lights off when you leave a room, switching off unused appliances at the wall, and unplugging them. Not only will you save money, but you are reducing your environmental impact. Win-win!

    3. Plant your impact.

    Make a garden or plant trees to help contribute to cleaner air. If you live in a dense urban area you can make the most of potted plants, hanging pots, or hop on Pinterest and learn how to construct wall hangings. If you’ve got the space, a garden — even a small one — is also a great spot to compost your organic food scraps. Not to mention you’ll benefit like crazy from living in a space that has cleaner air.

    4. Change the way you travel.

    Traffic is getting worse across the globe; more cars join the roads every year, and that equals more pollution. While acknowledging that you still need to get from A to B, try to rethink how you travel: carpool, take public transport, or even walk or ride a bike sometimes if you can. Not only will you possibly get to your destination faster in the case of nasty rush hours, but sometimes it may even be cheaper!

    5. Make better choices.

    As a consumer, you have a choice to purchase products and in doing so endorse companies. Try to choose companies that you know are local, that will have fewer distribution impacts from how the food traveled to you. Try to pick companies that take responsibility for their global impact, and in particular research the egg brands, fisheries, meat products, and clothing labels you buy. You can have a big impact by supporting companies that do right by the environment.

    6. Switch out your lights.

    Making better choices in lighting can be the quickest way to reduce your power bill and energy usage. Try to replace blown light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs — not only will you save on power, but you’ll find yourself with some extra cash at the end of the month. Must not buy more crystals, must not buy more crystals, must not — oh hell, who am I kidding?

    7. Reduce your plastic usage.

    Use reusable tote bags or shopping bags when you do the grocery shopping so that you stop contributing to plastic-bad waste altogether. Some places now charge a fee if you want to take your groceries home in a grocery store bag, so it’s financially savvy to bring your own, too.

    8. Feng shui your car.

    Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure and remove any excess weight from the trunk of the car. This will lower your fuel usage and save you some coin. By driving more smoothly you can also reduce your fuel costs, so try not to accelerate and brake so often, instead moving slowly and smoothly so that you don’t overtax your engine.

    9. Insulate your home.

    Cheap insulation can come in the form of a big throw rug or perhaps in adding carpet to your home to prevent cold air from entering and heat from escaping. By insulating the ceiling, walls, and floors, your house can stay warmer for longer, meaning you will have to spend less time and money heating it.

    10. Reduce water usage.

    Try to not let the water run continuously, like when you brush your teeth. Take shorter showers, and don’t defrost food by running water over it. Make sure the dishwasher or washing machine is full before running a cycle to ensure you make the most of the energy and water being used.

    11. Go digital.

    Get your bank statements, power bills, and news digitally. There are some great apps that give you instant access to all these resources at a swipe and click of your phone rather than wasting paper and resources to get stuff by mail. #DontPrintThisArticle Share it on social instead!

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