Maureen J is my name

I am a Transformational Coach

You can call me MJ

Do you talk about the Life you want to Live or take massive action to make that dream a reality.

My Passion is to help others, Online or Offline

It  makes me feel a sense of Happiness , When I know I’ve done what I have to help a person or persons to help them to find their True Journey in Life, who are living in the Community or World, helping them to develop their Personal Development and what they are wanting to Achieve. Starting on the road to Success And Happiness. You can start at any age.

Needing To Know Some New Ways To Have More Happiness In Your Life

What new Skills do you need to reprogramme your Mind. using more positive ways.

Do you believe in yourself? Let’s Talk!


I will make sure that you join a good source of Offline Community Networks who are in your area who will be a good foundation of support for you!

1  Connected with Like-Minded People
2  Business growth through collaboration and partnership
3  Every Once a Month Online Coffee or Tea Group For 1/2 hour to 1 hour

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