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My Name Is Maureen J Poutoa

I am a Transformational  Coach

I live in New Zealand.

My Passion is to help others, Online or Offline It brings me a

great sense of satisfaction, I know I’ve done what I have wanted to achieve when I see people, living in a community who are achieving there purpose in life.  And starting on a road to Success And Happiness.

Needing Some New Ways To Have Happiness In Your Life

How do you Challenge yourself.

How do you want to reprogramme yourself, Habits that you don’t want into New Habits.

You Can Do It!

Start With Yourself First- No 1 Priority

Let Me Help You, To Show You Ways To Empower Yourself.

It May Be Hard At The Beginning, But It Gets Easier.

Let’s Talk.

Leave me a message to get back to you.

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