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My name is Maureen Poutoa, I am married with 3 children and I am a happy grandmother of 4 grandchildren.


I thought I was in heaven. At the age of 10, I was beaten to an extent that I ended up in hospital in a coma. I had been in a coma for 1 week and a half when they decided to operate on my head. I was in the Operation theatre when I woke up and saw the doctors and nurses around me. They were all dressed in White and the room was all white as well.

I was told later that they were going to operate on my head, and we’re not sure if I was going to be a vegetable when I came out of the operation.

Fortunately, I woke up before the operation. I believe it was a Godsend that I was still alive. I had to learn how to walk again and how to move parts of my body, and how to feed myself also. This took about 9 months in all, doing physiotherapy. I was able to forgive the person who beat me and continue on with my Life.

I Branded myself that I was dumb and Low Self Esteem and other problems as well, this I realized later on in life, was because of what was said to me. I don’t blame anyone for the memory that I had back then, it was stuck in my subconscious which I had no idea that it had affected my Life at that time or was going to in the future.

My Dad and Mum had split up when I was about 5 years old, I forgave them both and love them still to this day.  My Dad passed away with Cancer at his home where he lived with my Stepmother who I really admired, bringing up 4 children under the age of 5 was really hard, fortunately, Dad had his Sisters and Brothers to help, they were happy times. But I still wanted to see my Real Mum again, I was able to meet her again and bond again with her and so were my other siblings as well. I was able to meet my half brother and sisters, Who have become a really special part of my life as they have grown up and had families of their own and their sons and daughters are having their children now.  Let me continue on with my story.

I had a job working at Woolworths after school. I went to college and took 3 topics that I was allowed to choose besides the usual curriculum, they were Shorthand Typing, Maori Language, and Netball which I really enjoyed.

I left College at the age of 15, this was a good time to leave as there were a lot of job positions open at that time. My first job was working as a Machinist sewing Wrangler Jeans for a Company in a suburb of Wellington. I went to a position as a Shop assistant working in a Self Help Shop, I worked in a Laundry Factory for about a year. I got pregnant and was put into an unmarried mothers home run by nuns. Because I was too early to have my baby the sisters got me a job working in the hospital as a nurse aide, in Maternity. I had a beautiful baby girl and went home to look after her and started my journey as a mother. I stayed with my mother for a couple of months then went to stay with my father and Stepmother. I stayed with them for about  2 to 3 years. Then I went back to stay with my real mother again, My Father and Stepmother wanted to take over the responsibility of looking after my daughter, I approved, I kept in touch to see how my daughter was progressing over the years. They have both past on now. And I am able to look at my experiences with them with much appreciation of what they have done in bringing up my daughter. They were both good workers, working 9 to 5 and always opened their home to us.  I met my future husband’s sister, who came to stay at my real mother’s place one time, we became friends and she invited me to her house for a family get together, It was really fantastic to meet her family then I saw her brother and fell in Love with him, we got to know each other and I introduced him to my Father and Mother they liked him straight away. I decided to go back to nursing and was put in Outpatients to work there, which I was given a series of duties on a day to day basis, from E.N.T to serving Doctors their cups of tea in the afternoons to Fracture Clinic and serving tea’s for afternoon visitors at the outpatients department for a coin donation.

Life Changing Experience

I started looking for new things to do. I did drugs and alcohol. I don’t know why I was doing drugs I guess I wanted to fit in with the crowd I was hanging around with. I started to take drugs heavy where I was smoking the weed every day to get a good feeling cause I couldn’t face what was happening I wanted to believe in a fantasy that wasn’t true. Nothing was real when I was taking drugs I was high. Plus I liked to be with my mates I started to realize that I was stuck in the rut I was going further into a black hole. My Self Esteem was at its lowest and on top of that, I had anxiety plus paranoia real bad. I realized I didn’t want to be in the drug world anymore. I wanted to do other things with my life, I wanted more than what I was getting. So I started looking for things to make a change. I started to go to Bible Seminars and doing education courses, improving also in my well being. I was going to make a change in my life for the better.

My husband has always been there when I have needed him. On one occasion I heard of a Brain Seminar held by one of my friends. I went to the seminar it opened my eyes to a lot of opportunities for myself as a human being. I started using my computer more looking for ways to improve on my personal development and abilities.

I realized that I had the experience to share with other people, I started to share my experiences with family and friends that wanted to know what I had learned. This became a passion.

I decided to do a course on Life Coaching so that I can share my skills and training with other people. To give them the tools they need to help them be the person they want to be. Achieving their goals and ambitions, making them come to an understanding and realizing that they are the only ones that can make the change in their lives by getting the training they need. To stand strong and share what they have learned from others to make this world a better place.

Other Certificates: Life Coach, Social Services, Mindfulness, Small Business Course.

Other Professions Wellness Advocate, Sales Person, Volunteer Mindfulness Trainer.

My Hobbies: Poetry, Short-Story Writing, Computer Language, Games, Samsung Photography, Sewing, Getting Outdoors In Nature, Different Forms of Exercise, Trying New Things.

Things I like to do: Go to Concerts, Do Mindfulness Breathing and Mindfulness Movement. Go for walks, Socialize, Go to Cafe’s, I like to help where I can.

My Mentors

I have been a follower of Gina Devee she has been my Mentor for about 3 to 4 Years and has shown me how to build my business working anywhere I want, Brendon Clarke.  An Amazing Guy to know and a person who has a Passion for helping those in the area of the brain and keeping the brain working properly with techniques and strategies. Tony Robbins has been my Mentor for a while now it has been a pleasure knowing him. Steve.G. Jobs techniques in Life Coaching was a real experience for me and helped me to deal with life and also to keep learning. Kim Chamberlain and Iona Elwood Smith both Great Team Workers for Chrysalis for Women.  And also people I admire besides all the Mentors I have chosen over the last 10 years, that have all inspired my Journey and still do.

To my Friends thank you for being with me on my Journey.

I keep on learning and doing new things all the time to make a difference in my Life And Others.

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