Terms and Conditions

1          Doing business with us
1.1       We always strive to provide services that satisfy your needs.  We ask you to read our terms of business, so that you understand our responsibilities to you and what we ask of you when we provide coaching services to you.

2          Our responsibilities to you
2.1       Provided you have paid our fees, we will provide coaching services to you on the terms outlined below.  We have used “the service” to refer to what we do for you.

2.2       We will always be courteous and helpful.  Your coach agrees to treat all information shared during sessions as private and confidential.

2.3       We will make the service available between the hours of 11 am and 5.00pm every working day.

2.4       We will provide the service through a trained personal coach who will teach you strategies to become personally empowered.

2.5       We will maintain a voice line connection and advise you of the numbers to which you may telephone requests for coaching.

2.6       So that one client cannot unfairly deprive others of a chance to use the service, we reserve the right to terminate each coaching session no more than 5 minutes beyond the scheduled ending time.  There is no limit to the number of sessions you may have.

2.7       Your assigned coach will coach “in the moment” to cater for whatever your intention is at the time of the session.

2.8       You will have one initial free 45 to 60 minute session, at a time and place agreed in advance by you and your assigned coach.

3          Your responsibilities to us
3.1       You will pay us a fee according to the attached list of packages that we offer, unless you and we agree on a different arrangement in advance and in writing.

3.2       You must pay our fees in advance by automatic payment at least two working days before each scheduled session.  We may in our sole discretion increase our fees by notice in writing posted on our website.

3.3       At the scheduled time for a coaching session you will call the coach on the number provided to you by your coach (or communicate by email, text or messaging online).

3.4       If you must cancel your scheduled coaching session, please try to do this at least 24 hours in advance out of respect for the coach’s time.  You will receive your money back except for 20% of your payment, which is compensation for the inconvenience to your coach.

3.5       You agree to be mindful of your own well-being during the course of this coaching process.

4          Exclusions to the service
4.1       Coaching is not advice giving, psychotherapy or counselling.  You agree to seek these or other professional services elsewhere if needed.

4.2       We will not be responsible for any interruption to the service due to a malfunction in the telephone system or for any other reason beyond our direct control.

4.3       You are fully responsible for the decisions and actions you take in regard to your life and affairs.

4.4       You shall in no way hold us or the coach liable for any actions you take during or after this coaching relationship.

4.5       We give no guarantee or warranty, expressed or implied, about any results you will achieve.

5          Resolving disputes
5.1       If you think we have not provided the service to an adequate standard as set out in our terms of business, you must advise us in writing within seven days of the event.

5.2       We will do all we can to resolve the dispute as soon as possible after hearing from you.  We will first try to resolve it by telephoning you and, if we think appropriate, sending someone to discuss the dispute with you.  If we find we have not complied with our terms of business, we will discuss with you the various ways we can compensate you.  This may include a refund for an amount we think is appropriate.  Any compensation we pay to you, whether in relation to our negligence or otherwise, will never exceed the total fee you have paid to us in relation to the event that gives rise to the dispute.

6          Privacy
6.1       We may ask you for personal information about yourself and use that information to assist in providing the service to you.  We will keep your personal information confidential and not share it with anyone else unless we have your permission.  We may use your details to provide you with information about our promotions & services.  You may access any information we retain about you during the times the service is available and may ask us to amend any incorrect information.

7          General
7.1       You or we may cancel this agreement immediately by notice in writing.

7.2       By using the service you acknowledge your acceptance of our terms of business.