Positive Personal Development

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When you get angry

You set in motion event’s that end up causing you regret and sadness later on.

You Prime your Mind and Feelings to be able to choose a gentler Path when you get angry.

Leverage the Power of anger to be powerful to be productive for someone else or yourself. Example Read a book, do a quizzie, sing a song, draw a picture, Exercise or Dance.

I have tried a dumb-bell exercise and done it until I had sweated Wow did I feel good after that workout.

Change your anger into creative and production pursuits.

Negative Emotions are a result of negative thinking.

Your ability to treat your thoughts with respect: its what protects your mind from false perceptions – false to your nature and that of all rational beings.

The negative motions we experience are often just the result of low Interpret things.

The way of our thinking is our own way of looking at things we have the ability to empower ourselves and take back control of our emotions

Example: Jack and Jill are both given invites to a party.

Jack views it as a great opportunity to meet a bunch of new people.

Jill fears that she will have nobody to talk to and has anxiety and worrisome emotions.

Tip Be prepared for any outcome and act with resilience. The art of Living more like wrestling than dancing in so far as it stands ready against the accidental and the unseen and is not opt to fall.

The secret to Happiness is resilience in the face of adversity and setbacks. See adversity differently you will be prepared for any outcome. Make adjustments as setbacks happen see the bright side of whats going wrong. When you don’t allow failure to stop you, you are able to take small steps forward.

See adversity differently are you prepared for any outcome, make adjustments as setbacks happen. See the bright side of whats going wrong. Look at Life through the favorable Lens of perspective and the moving contiuim of time.

The current time is strong and this too shall be insanely grateful for what you have. Many times we forget the amazing things and people in our Lives Place yourself in the position of not taking for granted all the great people and situations that you have in your Life. Counting your blessings and appreciating what you have makes you feel great and increases the happiness levels in your Life.

Tolerance is not Judging, Instruct them, or Tolerate them. But that does not make us responsible for others. The actions of others and their consequences are theirs and their alone.

Compassion for others is important

Peace you need is in you. Our emotions define our experiences. Manage the domain of your emotions and you’ll master happiness.

Appreciate the shortness of Life. Stop Living for tomorrow, Start Living for today.



Progress doesn’t usually come in a straight line. And just because you make a mistake Doesn’t mean you’re a Failure. Making mistakes is part of the process of becoming better.

The way you recover from those mistakes is what matters most.  Learning from your missteps and committing to doing better next time can help you build Self Discipline.

Keep Trying And Reap The Rewards

Boosting your Self-Control is the Key to creating a better life. With a little Mental Strength Training, everyone has the ability to develop more willpower. The best news is improving Self-Control in one area of your life can lead to increased willpower in other areas of your Life.

  How To Improve

1 Acknowledge your weaknesses

2 Create a clear plan, you need a strategy to help you build Mental Muscle.

Increase good habits

Outline Clear Action Steps, you will start taking on a Daily Basis.

3                       Remove Temptations

Limiting temptations can help you slowly build Self-Discipline over time.

4                     Practice Tolerating Discomfort

Train your brain to see that pain isn’t the enemy, practice allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable and prove to yourself that You Can Stand It.

5                     Visualise The Rewards

Write down a list of all things you’ll gain when you resist temptation. Visualise yourself reaching, your goals and reaping the benefits of Self Discipline. Write a list of goals so you can look at them.

From a Personal Improvement Group.


                                Know Thy Self


Beaver                           Masculine                   Wolf                                                                   Goals/Facts Focussed

COMPLIANT   Beaver                              DOMINANT  Wolf

“Technician”                                               “Hunter”

Precise/Accurate                                     Winning with Results           Thorough/Cautious                                Handles Rejection                 Data & Facts                                             Efficiency                               Slow to Trust/ Private                             Direct with Speed                 Needs Consistency                                  Thinks Quick                         Specialist/Reflective                                Strong, Will/Master

SLOW                                                 FAST

Certainty and Significance    Intensity

Elephant       RESERVED                              OUTGOING     Peacock

Reliable & Patient                            Loves to be Liked/Friendly         Process Orientated                         Spacial Aware                                Comfortable                                      Fun/Enthusiasm                           Listener                                             Dancing                                          Never Forgets/Keeps to Tradition  High Emotional Intelligence       Conflict Avoidance(Herd Harmony) Trusting(Needs Boundaries)   Modest & Sincere                            Expressive

“Mother”                                      “Entertainer”                                       STABILITY                                    INFLUENCE

Comfort & Connection & Variety

Relationships Focussed                                                                                    Feminine

A Summary of Joe Pane’s

7 Easy Ways To Improve Mental Toughness

1 Stimulate your mind on a regular basis, but you definitely don’t want to overtax it. Always be open to taking on a new challenge, but don’t take on too many at once.

2 Meditation is another fantastic way to improve your mind and body, it can give you a great boost in mental energy. As you meditate, it is important to focus on what you are doing. Leave any work or personal issues out of your thoughts. Yoga is a great way to get into meditation, along with some physical exercise. Mindfulness is also another Method.

3 Are you stuck in the old routine? When was the last time you tried something new?  Challenging your brain by doing something new, is a great stimulation toot! This also helps increase your confidence levels as well. You may want to try a new sport, pick up a new book, or attempt a crossword puzzle. Get out of your rut and try new things once in a while.

4 Are you the type of person, who always offers to help when asked. You just can’t seem to say no? This is not great for your mental health at all. Instead, start learning how to say the word No. It can relieve you of a ton of stress.

5 If you really want to increase your Mental Toughness, then allow yourself to work on those things you are passionate about stop putting them off. or waiting for the perfect time to do them. Be flexible and make changes to your schedule, so you can follow your passions.

6 Your emotions can play havoc with you and decrease your Mental Toughness. Learn to stay in control, especially when your emotions embarrass you.

7 One of the worst things anyone can do is to keep living in the past. This only causes you to think negatively, and it can lead to severe depression. Let the past go and live in the present. Instead of wishing things were different, Grab your Mental Toughness and make things Different!

Author from Personal Development Group.

Being kind to myself is Important, what ways are you kind to yourself.

After A Long Weekend, of encouragement of my faith, I was so glad to remember to apply mindfulness eating during the weekend. Mindfulness Techniques has helped me with certain tasks along with my Journey of Life and also able to apply to everyday use when needed.

I’m Feeling Real Happy!

Emotion, Emotional, Feelings, Authentic

Today I received the products I was waiting for from Amway’s I was really happy about having received my products. It has been a day of trial and error. Fortunately I can ring a friend or get some advice from professional people, On Friday just gone I went to the doctor for a physical. My Blood Pressure was high, the good news was that my weight had gone from 91 to 88 over a period of 2 to 3 months. Feel really great about this, I want to see if I can lose some more weight gradually while keeping my spirits high. I am so happy that I was able to get myself to this weight. I feel ambitious and I am going to make sure I challenge myself, to go that extra Road, to get where I want to go. With a little help from my Spa Partner.  Things look good. Keep on Keeping On

The Labyrinth Walk

I went for a walk in a hospital one of my friends suggested the other day. And did a Labyrinth walk. I decided to do Mindfulness walking and also do Chakra at the same time. Walking Mindfully and repeating slowly to myself at normal voice tone, I am connected to the earth and open to the positive energy that flows through me. I repeated this going into the Labyrinth and now and then I would stop to do Mindfulness Breathing.  In,   feeling the air going into my nostrils and down to my stomach slowly. Then slowly out again. I continued this method until I got to the middle of the Labyrinth. Then walked out of the Labyrinth using Mindfulness Walking, while I spoke in normal voice tone, I Can Do Anything I Set My Mind To. I also did Mindfulness Breathing along the way out. When I got to the beginning again I felt really terrific.  I have been doing similar Methods that I have tried. Really am thankful that I have been able to come up with this Method. I hope it will be helpful for those who are wanting to try it out.  The experience is a wonderful experience. Love And Light.

My Own Method

The Mantra

What is a Mantra: A Mantra is a list of Positive Words you can use for the month to remember before you change them to another list of Positive Words. You keep on doing them until you have retained them into your memory.

1 I believe in myself and my ability to Succeed.

2 My Mind is Free of resistance and open to endless opportunities

3 I am enjoying my work today and optimistic about the coming days.

4 I recognize every new challenge as a new opportunity.

5 I am committed to achieve success in every aspect of my life.

6 My Goals are in perfect alignment with my personal values.

7 Something wonderful is happening to me today.

By Billy Teo

8 I am making new changes to myself in a positive way, every day.

My Own Reminders To Myself

1 What challenges are you going to give yourself for the week?

2 Have you found your True Passions?

3 What do you need to work on with Your Personal Development?

4 What is your relationship with people, is it good.

5 Do you look at how much of yourself is you, and if not of yourself? Then Why Not

5 Ways To Stay Motivated

1 Stay or Be Motivated.

2 Take Baby steps.

3 Surround yourself with people who do the same activities and share the same values as you.

4 Write down your Goals, then put them where you can see them. Ask yourself every time you see them why you want to do them.

5 Reward yourself.

By Billy Teo